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Allie Buck's Story

Allie is a believer that art is magic and movement can transform lives. She brings an element of playfulness and joy to her teaching along with freedom to explore and make mistakes. 


She has studied in traditional and non-traditional studies in art history, pottery, childhood development, psychology, yoga, education, and movement.


Allie received her B.A. from University of Montana in 2008. She trained as a Montessori teacher with the Age of Montessori. She received her RS- 200 Yoga Teacher Training with Paola Feher- Center for the Healing Arts and is a certified ®Tune Up Roll Model method teacher.  Allie has worked as a resident artist and teacher at Longfellow Elementary, Maine Coast Waldorf School, and Middle Creek Montessori. She has taught and managed art classrooms at the Emerson Center for the Arts since 2009. 


Many of Allie’s teachers and friends have taught her to listen to the land and how to illuminate and care for people. She has learned the most from the wisdom of the monarchs and from the deepest dark of winters. 

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